Namew Lake Property

QMC Quantum Mineral’s Namew Lake District property encompasses the Rocky Lake Discovery in the world-class Flin Flon/Snow Lake Volcanic Massive Sulphide ("VMS") mining district in Northwestern Manitoba.

We are the 100% owner of this extensive property that covers approximately 23,000 hectares.

Like the Irgon mine, Namew Lake is very well located. It is approximately 50 kilometers northwest of the town of The Pas and 65 kilometers south of the mining center and former smelter at Flin Flon, Manitoba. Accessis  off of Highway 10.

We know this is a rich area. The old Namew Lake mine, 11 kilometers away, produced 2.57 million tonnes of copper, nickel, gold, silver, palladium, and platinum over five years.

QMC has historical data on the Namew site. In 1984, Hudson Bay Minerals and Inco conducted airborne surveys, ground geophysics, and drilling to identify potential nickel and copper deposits. Additional surveys from 1987 to 1991 yielded additional confirmation of potential copper mineralization in the Rocky Lake area.

At our Rocky Lake Project in the Namew Property drill programs found significant conductors—rock with enough mineral content to carry electricity. Assays from the drill holes showed gold at levels from 0.5 to 3.5 ppb, copper at 98 to 491 ppm, 10% to 32% iron, and zinc in some drill holes ranging up to 0.44%.

Exploratory drilling continued in Namew through 2013. At current prices, QMC will concentrate on bringing the Irgon Property into production first, but Namew remains a massive resource with strong future potential for us.